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Anokha TechFair
Exhibitions 2024

Prizes Worth

₹1,00,000 /-
Anokha TechFair exhibitions acts as a unifying platform, which brings together students from different colleges across the country to present their work to industry professionals and a wide audience. It serves as a brilliant opportunity to network and gain insights from experts and professionals nationwide.

TechFair exhibitions, considered a flagship event for talent and innovation at Amrita University, Coimbatore, provides a forum for creative ideas to take centre stage, allowing diverse skills to shine and year after year, the it has served as the epicentre of innovation, blurring the boundaries between imagination and reality. The Anokha TechFair exhibitions exemplifies the collaboration between academia and industry. Students exhibit technological proficiency, gaining valuable insights for their future careers. It highlights the vital link between academic achievement and real-world application in the industry and embodies a unique blend of teamwork and versatility.

Submit Your Projects

Calling out all budding scientists and innovators! The Anokha TechFair exhibitions provides the perfect platform for you to present your revolutionary ideas and innovations that could redefine the technological landscape. Join us to connect, collaborate, and foster lasting relationships with individuals who share your enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of technology.

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Benefits of Participating
Innovation Hub for Industry-Student Dynamics
A platform for showcasing innovation that fosters Industry-Student interaction providing , experiential learning, recruitment opportunities, and identify potential collaborators.
Expand Your Network
Participate in the Anokha TechFair which is hosted by the highly acclaimed Amrita University to showcase your projects, products, or innovations to a broader audience. Get a chance to meet fellow innovators, industry experts, and investors to amplify your connections.
Certificate of Recognition
Participants will be awarded with a prestigious Certificate of Recognition. This certificate serves as a testament to the remarkable dedication and creativity demonstrated.
Spotlight in Anokha TechFair Newsletter
Get a chance to be featured in the First-ever Anokha TechFair Newsletter which can significantly increase the visibility of your project.